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Serani's Fanfiction Stories

19 September 1973
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I have a number of accounts on different places, mostly for my writing.

Adult FanFiction

I am also a gamer, mostly of MMOs and casual games. My current sub is for WoW, though I often find myself in Middle Earth or Norrath, and sometimes even Paragon City. My gaming guild can be found at Legends of Westwood. We have a presence in just about every major MMO.

I also do crochet, jewelry making, painting, sewing and gardening, though all of the above seem to come and go. I get on a big sewing kick and make dresses, shirts, you name it, then get bored and start making jewelry again. *eyeroll*

crochet, everything but opera (almost), fantasy, inuyasha, mmo gaming, naruto, romance, sewing, writing fiction